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Q: Does the Extra Strength Lightening Cream have bleach in it?

A: It does contain safe healthy amount of hydroquinone.


Q: Does Face and Body Beauty Cream have bleach in it?

A: No, The natural vitamin C from the carrots naturally even and brighten skin tone.


Q: Once my dark marks/areas have gone away, should I continue using Extra Strength Lightening Cream?

A: If you are happy with your skin complexion and do not wish to get lighter, you should switch to regular strength to maintain your complexion. If you want to continue the lightening process, continue with Extra Strength Cream.


Q: Can Extra Strength Cream be used on intimate areas?

A: Yes


Q: Does the Creams have sunscreen/spf?

A: Yes, however it is suggested to apply sunscreen daily. Preferably spf 50


Q: How long before you start seeing results?

A: Depends on how bad the problem area is. Most clients see a definite change with in 2 weeks. If the problem area is really bad just trust the process and continue routine.


Q: How often do I exfoliate?

A: Exfoliate every 7 days


Q: When exfoliating, Do I use cream and soap on the same day?

A: No, just exfoliate for that day. Continue Cream and Soap next day.


Q: Are these products safe for children?

A: 16 and older is best. Body Butter is safe for all ages.


Q: Can Face and Body Beauty Cream be used as a moisturizer?

A: Yes, this is a moisturizer!


Q: Should I combine other products while using Krystal Clear Skin Care products?

A: No, no need for other products. Please just use Krystal Clear Products.


Q: Does the Creams contain Fragrance?

A: Yes, very small amount


Q: How does the Creams smell?

A: Amazing ! Soft scent .


Q: Do I have to get the Soap and the Cream?

A: For Faster more accurate results for any problem area, yes we suggest you use cream and soap together. 


Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: Yes, please go to contact us. 

krystalclearmanager123@gmail.com or Call (516) 445-7351


Q: How do I become an ambassador to receive free lifetime supplies of Krystal Clear Skin Care products?

A: Please go to contact us or send email to krystalclearmanager123@gmail.com or Call (516) 445-7351